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Healing Waters Retreat

Come and experience the wonderful Healing Waters of Jamaica. Our signature retreat is something our guest long to experience again and again. We combine the healing waters, healing vibes with facilitators that are true healers to provide you with a profound experience. 

Healing Waters

Custom Retreats

In addition to our own group retreats, you may also have a custom private retreat where all attention is on you and your personal goals. Or facilitate your very own group retreat @ Heartland Oasis. Just contact us and we’ll workout the details.


Heartland Oasis Retreats

Cottage Rental

You can rent our individual cottages very economically. All 3 cottages accomodate 2 people and are equipped with spa like amenities that you rarely find in this price range. We also can arrange tours and even a private chef for you and your family.



Cottage Rentals

Heal, Learn, Create

What to do


There are many amazing things to do and “sea” in Jamaica. Our south coast is known for its beauty, ‘chillness’, safety, and friendly community! We can orchestra the outings of your choice!




There are many small women run “cook shops”. Check them all out and find your favorite “auntie’s” cooking! There is great fine dining too!



Local Programs

 Treasure Beach is wellness oriented. You will find farm-to-table cuisine , yoga, meditation, art classes, local herbalist and so much more.  At Heartland Oasis, we are your wellness guides!

Heal, Learn, Create



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Online Stores

We are based in the United States. Our online stores are for purchasing quality supplements, herbal remedies and the amazing amythest medical biomat.





Acu-Na Wellness Stores

Metagenic Supplements

 FullScript Apothecary

Amethys Medical Biomat


About  Us. We are wellness providers in the United States. We combine Traditional Chinese Medicine with natural medicine. On-site services are vast from acupuncture, massage, lymphatic drainage, reiki, and holistic consultations. We also provide telehealth services. To learn more about us, visit our Acu-Na Wellness Center website. 




Welcome to my Bless-Up podcast. Here you will find inspirational content that various from inspirational topics, healthy living advice, indigenous medicine wisdom, open discussions, meditations, music, insights, personal stories, shared experiences from myself and other inspirational guests. Stay with us and stay inspired! 



Heartland Jamaica

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